Property Management

We are a hands-on management company and are committed to maximizing the value of our clients’ properties through effective, comprehensive property management services.

Standard property management services include but are not limited to, building inspections, repairs and preventative maintenance programs, property upgrading programs, tenant improvements, tenant liaison, full financial reporting and accounting services, budget preparation and tenant billings.

We are fully licensed under the Real Estate Act of B.C. for all types of property management


  • Through innovative operational programs we ensure maximum efficiency and a high services level while maintaining reasonable operational costs
  • Supervision and organization of contractors
  • Use in-house maintenance staff to ensure quality work and cost control, preventative and ongoing maintenance services.
  • Work with leasing agents
  • Work very closely with property managers
  • Quick response to all tenant complaints to ensure tenant retention

With numerous years of combined experience our Property Managers know how to work effectively with Strata Councils and Owners. We provide professional, efficient service and advice to maintain and improve both the facilities and finances of every property we manage. You can rest assured knowing that your investment property is in our knowledgeable and reliable hands.


We manage various Commercial, Retail and Industrial spaces throughout the lower mainland. We also provide Commercial Leasing services and with years of knowledge in the market we can effectively negotiate to lease or sell your Commercial space. Our dedicated and personable Commercial Property Managers will not only maintain your space but work to help improve it to the benefit of your owners, tenants and customers.


We know that your Retail Investment is important to you and we will oversee all aspects needed to effectively manage your investment. We specialize in the local market and are knowledgeable in the trends that affect it. This enables us to challenge every controllable expense to make your rates the best possible in the market all while ensuring that they we are always maintaining the proper standard for your investment.


Accounting Services

Pacific Dawn maintains property financials on the Yardi system; an accounting program specifically designed for the property management industry. Our standard accounting service includes, but is not limited to rent collection, accounts payable, tenant billings, budget preparation and implementation, full financial reporting.

We also offer our specialized accounting service as a stand-alone service.

Maintenance Services

Specific preventative maintenance and capital programs are set up for each individual property based on each client’s goals and expectations. By using in-house staff we are able to maintain lower maintenance costs and ensure timely work. We recognize that good maintenance with an eye to safety encourages good tenant relations and retention.

We also offer maintenance service as a stand-alone service.

Construction Services

  • Write construction and tenant improvement specifications
  • Supervision of tenant improvement work and/or construction work
  • Project management services
  • Work with all leasing agents using unique systems in place to assist agents in closing deals

Leasing & Sales

We are a fully licensed real estate company able to provide leasing and sales services if needed. We co-operate with all leasing and sales agents to ensure the greatest exposure and coverage for our Clients’ portfolio. We have unique services in place to assist Leasing Agents close deals with a very high conversion rate.

Asset Management

In addition to property management services, Pacific Dawn offers clients Asset Management services which include, but are not limited to:

  • reviewing the position of the property in the market place in relation to the owners’ goals including the timing of selling, holding or upgrading the property to achieve these goals,
  • An action plan to maximize the property value, risk assessment, mortgage assessment, and make arrangements as required.

Should Pacific Dawn feel additional expertise is needed to best serve our clients, we will partner with other professionals to ensure our client’s goals are achieved.

For more information on any of our services please contact our office at 604-683-8843.