Case Study #2

Pacific DawnCase Study #2

Case Study #2

Case Studies, Retail

A leasing agent brought a prospective tenant to us for a full floor space. They didn’t like the existing layout and wanted to continue looking, but they also had a very tight time line to work with.

After providing the tenant with a preliminary space plan and assurances from Pacific Dawn that we could complete all the improvements they wanted done within their 5 week window, the tenant completed on the deal and we immediately began the work. Using in-house staff we were able to do a complete space plan that suited their needs perfectly in 2 days including the time for all consultations. Working drawings for permits were completed immediately, permits pulled and all work was completed in time for the move.

Without our in-house expertise, this deal would not have been possible, as the normal course of action of working with outside consultants would have made their timeline impossible, and the tenant would probably have gone elsewhere.

Our experience shows that Leasing Agents like this type of specialized service as it helps them to close deals quickly without time being wasted. The benefits to our clients in this case are obvious.

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